I Got All My Wizznutzz with Me!

James and CHristopher with our proud father BRAM!! AT Tysons!! In the studio!

The Wizznutzz support team, behind the scenes wizznutzz!!
From Left: Darvin, Ken Beatrice (intern), Dana!, Sally, and "Crazy" Dave Kohn (correspondent)
Thanks for the hard work team!!

The WIZZNUTZZ.com Kevin Duckworth DUCKWAGON celebrity Custom Van!!
Edutainment and charity Express!!!
Here the van is unveiled at our second charity benefit at Wheaton Plaza, with many good hearted celebs in attendance, and former and current ballerz!!
Pictured HERE: awesome Fred "RERUN" Berry and a writer Christopher Hitchens Washington City Paper hails the event as "unusual and heartfelt."!! We use the van for pit stops and giving back!

HISTORIC PHOTographic record! Wizznutzz debut on Halloween night, 1997 in Auburn Hills COurtyard Marriott. Smoke funny cigarette. "Get the f**king Gnomes" cheers place crowd! From left: christopher, James, and Cheniers Ghost (please return your beard Cheniers Ghost)

The Talented BRAINY team from Einstein High School posing before Engineering competition with Gar Heard Robot prototype!!! Look for the robot soon. These guys are crazzy smart! and came 3rd! Nice work guyzz!!

Yes, that IS Rod with our very own DANA!!! Dana was very moist with anicipation. Dana said Rod was even more handsome in person and super cool! But she turned down his offer to share a Half Smoke!!!

SOme of the Wizznutzz gang seeing Manute playing Hockey!! We yelled the loudest cause we are nutzz abiut manute. From left: Sally, Darvin, and Missy , danas sister. Also not pictured: Ken, Dana and CHrsitopher who set the whole thiung up. Your the best boss Chris!!

Christopher and James (far right!) carrying the Exclamation Marks at a rally (small one) supporting Chris Webber and his pops outside DC courthouse!! Way to represent guys!! They got drunk later with the letters M and C, who they ponly met that day!!

Here's our friend Dirty Uncle Pete of SportsFan Magazine who wrote an awesome cool story about us.
Pete is on the left looking very Dirty and Very Uncle.
The man on the right is Dirty Uncle Pete's special "friend," Mr. Jimmy Buffett!!!
Pete calls him Jim! Or Ji when he's in a rush!!! Or J when he's in love.

Here's Robo Vendor, the Official Beer Salesman of the WizzNutzz. Robo has a mechnical bottle-opening arm due to a terrible childhood accident while trying to produce the world's first handheld but fully mechanized kitchen door opener.

This is our main man George Unseld. Hes an Alderman, whioch means he hgelps us out politcally and is very connected and dedicated to his causes. He also helps us with legal stuff sometimes. And thanks, George for putting up with so many questions about Wes! But we respect you so much!

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