"Believe me, I wanted to come out and play well, too.
His horses were ready, and my mules were sick."


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shepard fairey barack obama poster
Mule. Poster. 2008. Shepard Fairey.
Great Example of Street Art!

michael jordan art
Untitled. Photograph. 2005. David Lumsden.
Provocative ideaz Dave!

michael jordan art
"Incentive". Mixed media collage. 2004. Abraham Plumbridge.
Honest, Abe, this is Great! I can tell you put alot of time into this!

michael jordan art
On The Pass. Oil. 2002. Reyna Morenoff.
Really nice old school reyna. I can feel the grit on MJs brow!

Fifteen Wilbons and One Jordan. Mixed media. 2002. Pervis Watson.
This looks kinda familiar dont you think??!! Good concept though Pervis.

Jordan and Mules. Oil. 2002. Joanne Terry.

Schizophrenic. Pencil. 2002. John Barr. Johns a student!! Nice work John

The Driving of the Mules. Charcoal and Pencil on Paper. 2002. Tim Terry.

This is a beauty tim!

Untitled. Pen and Pencil on Paper. 2002. Akinwale Adams.

Curiosity. Photograph. 2002. Sarah Wagner.
Sarahs another student!! ANd the first photographic entry! These are all looking great guys! 2 weeks left!!

michael jordan art
Untitled. Mixed Media. 2002. Jessica.

Woah!! THIS IS DIfferent, i can say THAT! But hey, we dont censor anything here!!

Submit your art now!! The only rules are: you must be AN AMATEUR Artist. The peice must express Michael Jo0rdan and Mules. If not literally, then figuratively. Accpetoing submissions NOW!! Good luck to ALL!!