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Friday, January 23, 2009

nba academy awards


Nominees for
Best NBA Player
in a Lead Role: Actor
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar |Odds: 13-1

"Hakim" - Game of Death (1978)

It's very rare to have 2 industry icons share the screen together. And very special. Robert Deniro and Al Pacino, Paul Newman and Robert Redford, Marvin Brando and Nacho Arenas. And now, Abdul-Jabbar and Lee. Fresh off his Golden Globe nomination for "Airplane!", Abdul-Jabbar drew critical raves for doing all his own stunts.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Gheorghe Muresan |Odds: 8-1

"Max Zamphirescu" - My Giant (1998)

A popular favorite. Its chances are hurt somewhat by the ugly reception the film recieved in Romania, where it as released under the title "The Abe Pollin Story" and triggered widespread riots. (Not to mention the high profile "gypsy curse" that was placed on the film's star, Billy Crystal, a curse that is believed to render its victims 'soft, old and gratingly nostalgic.')


. . . . . . . . . . . .

Xavier McDaniel |Odds:30-1

"Himself" - Singles (1992)

With the wide success of Brokeback Mountain, homoerotic films have gripped America by its pliant buttocks, and the Academy acknowledges this progressive shift with a brave nomination. But the X-Man simply doesn't get enough screen time to warrant serious consideration here.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Bernard King |Odds: 15-1

"Hustler" - Fast Break (1979)

Coming off an Emmy win for his work as Matt Ferguson in Miami Vice (watch), King upstages Gabe Kaplan in the year's boldest, most outrageous, genre-bending performance.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Jahidi White |Odds: 2-1

"Kronnan" - Showdown at Area 51 (Alien v Alien) (2007)

The consensus front-runner. Recognized widely for his best-selling advice book "Things I Learned From Jahidi", the versatile talent proves he can act as well. White stars in this straight-to-DVD release as a hulking, silent monster who terrorizes young recruits. A student of the Stanislavski school of method acting, White prepared for this role by drawing on his experiences with the Washington Wizards: "In scenes that required I terrify the soldier boys with my plasma-shooting weapon, I tried to visualized the scene in my head. I imagined we were in the lockeroom, and they were all Steve Blake. That really helped me find my character."

Jahidi's IMDB Page
Jahidi and Steve: An Original Animated Short from Finland.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Reggie Theus |Odds: 100-1

"Male Victim" - Salo (Salo o le 120 Giornate di Sodoma) (1975)

One of the year's bravest performance, but the odds are stacked against Theus. Pier Paolo Pasolini's controversial film, with its shocking depictions of brutal sadism, is simply too strong for the more traditonal Academy. Theus' scenes were banned in Australia, and it would be inapproprite to show a clip here.

Instead, you might enjoy this documentary short: "Elk Hunting with Reggie Theus." The film is shot in extended takes, and features a great deal of whispering and camouflage. It's an unsettling work in its own right. David Denby described it as "a frank mumblecore remake of Malick's The Thin Red Line."

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Patrick Ewing |Odds: 5-1

"Angel Of Death" - Exorcist III: Legion (1989)

A young Ewing is brilliantly cast against type as the Angel of Death in a brief but pivotal role. The surreal scene features a Who's Who of hollywood heavyweights: George C Scott, Samuel Jackson, Fabio... but Ewing holds his own. "We must of did a hundred takes," says Ewing. "The director wanted a real specific look. He said he wanted me to look in my expression like i was wearing a soulless, inpenetrable mask. It was hard. The take they finally used I didn't even know they were filming. I was just tired from all the takes we had done and was just thinking about eating some baked beans and then they yell 'Cut! Perfect!'"

Scene begins at the 6:55 mark:

. . . . . . . . . .

This was a big year for Indies. Many NBA actors` were overlooked for their work in major studio releases.

Most notably:

Ray Allen in "He Got Game" |WATCH

Alex English in "Amazing Grace and Chuck" | WATCH

Julius 'Dr. J" Erving as Moses Guthrie in "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh" |WATCH

Allan Houston in James Toback's "Black and White" |WATCH

Rick Fox for multiple projects. The hardest working baller in the business. but a perennial award's season snub, Fox is fast becoming the Klaus Maria Brandauer of his NBA generation.

John Salley as "Hacker" Fletcher in "Bad Boys I & II"

Darius Miles in "The Perfect Score" |WATCH

Bo Kimble in Rick Telander's "Heaven Is A Playground", a crossover sleeper that was very popular with white people. The Academy was simply not ready for a film this poignant. |WATCH

Greg Ostertag's arresting debut as Joe Sparks in "Eddie"

Shaquille O'Neal in "Steel" |WATCH
"Steel" received a single nomination, for Best Adapted Screenplay, but was disqualified soon after when it was discovered that the film had been made by High School students.

and some of the years best small screen work were not eligible:

Chris Webber's performance in "New York Undercover", James Worthy's Klingon warrior Koral, and Robert Horry's 4-episode turn in the soap opera "Passions".

Hop on the comments board and nominate any roles not on this list! You are encouraged to invent roles! Players appearing as themselves do not count!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We get a lot of e-mails that ask, "Can bacon be a chocolate bar?" And we always say back, "What bacon can or cannot be is only limited by your imagination and the amount of untainted pig meat in your region of the world. But yes, of course bacon can be a chocolate bar!!!"

And we also get a lot of e-mails that ask, "Why hasn't there been any definitive summer jam yet in 2007? " and also "WHERE IS JAHIDI???"

Thankfully, we can answer these last two questions with one simpel sentence:

"Jahidi is directing music videos in Holland, which is also called Denmark, which once had a depressed prince who spoke to a skull, just like Salieri did in the Wizards' lockerrroom, though Salieri Skull was attached to T-Nes' neckbone."

And several simple embeds give us Jahidi & Bearforce1's awesome summer jamz. Feel the heat on your bacon chocolate covered meat!!!!

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