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Friday, April 03, 2009
baby tattoo

Wizards v Cleveland in April, there is nothing better in NBA basketball.

Dont tell me this wasnt a playoff game!!!! This had as much NRG and excitment as any of the playoff battles - just swap Soulja Boy with Didi Conn talking about kids getting scared by hairdryers and its a spit image.

Sure each year the Bully gets a few new cherry pickers and coach brown got himself some new lesbians eyeglasses but really nothing changed. As usual the Cavs came in so cocky, treating Wiz like they were Grooms of the Stool but the Wiz put the Pride Inside, the Soul in the Hole, the Mike James in a suit and rose up and shocked the world!

Wiz played with crazy fire, like a dog attacking the vaccum cleaner, diving for loose balls, hitting the rim, throwing their bodies into danger. Gil controlled the flow, caron policed the paint, and Twan dunked a ball!!! Nick Young and the Vale and the kid Marv ALbert calls "Blotch" all made big contributions off the bench.

But the tru MVPS where Haywood and Songalia

Haywood showed why we have missed him: Hot Toddy is an enforcer, and he isnt afraid to go at Lebron. It was like Mike Westbrook on MTV Bully Beatdown. He hip checked him into the foam!!!

And DSONG has always had heart and skillz of a great player, but unfortunately the body of a fat kid with cream cheese stuffed in the pockets of his waterlogged overalls but did u see him keep blowing by Wally Szerbiak? I know people from cleveland are used to White-on White crime but to us it was exciting and fresh!!!!

Nobody thought we could do it. Especially Charles Barkley who at halftime said the wiz "stink" and that they need to end the "experiment"of Butler + Jamison + Arenas. hey charles maybe u should end the experiment of Sliders + Cognac + Driving before u start talking!

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