The Best of Winzzutzz Incites from the Past. "Classic!!!!"

April 27, 2005 (Bulls/Wizards Playoffs)

OK where are the Wizznutzz incites on Game one you ask?


Andres Nocioni is a filthy, greasy, South American whoreface Abigail DIRTY PLAYER !!!!

Top 3 Dirty Player of all time maybe:??

In the fourth Quarter of Game 1 the announcer accidentally called Ben Gordon, Ben "JORDAN" then suddenly Kwame Brown froze up and dirty Andres dove into kwames knee because he doesnt have the skill or manness to take on Kwame one-on-one in the court or in the other court, the COurt of Handsome Justice.

We are not the only ones who say this. An anonymous league executive said to ESPN last week that Andres Nocioni was "a greasy Agrentine rat"

First of all what do we know about Andres Nocioni? besides the fact that he leaves a foul trail of garlic sauce wherever goes and drinks shandys and masturbates infront of special education buses?? (from NBA.com profile)

We also know he is from Argentina, "Dirtiest Country on Earth" for 3rd year according to Parade Magazine.

Lets have a look at brief history of Argentina:

Numer One:
Argentina Hid Nazis after the war.
Andres Nocionis grandmother may have hid Nazis and mated with them.
So, Andres Nocioni, you are the son of Nazis and WHore.

Number 2:
The First Argentinians were Incans, the people who tore peoples hearts out and invented The Pyramid SCheme! Andres Nocioni is a modern day Incan. Gilbert ARenas has a postgame ritual of taking of his shirt. Andre has a ritual, he goes into the stands and hits children.

Number 3:
FALKLAND ISLANDS -1982 - BItches!!!!!!

Number 4:
One of most popula r bands in Argenitna EVER was "Los Reconditos de Ricota" which means The Little Rolls of Ricotta cheese!!
Its damn true also. I Know right?!!!

Number 5:
Argentina home to most famous dirty player, MARADOna, who used the "hand of God" to win a soccer game and "the Nose of Montana" to clear a pile of cocaine off a bar table.

Number 6:
Argentina legalized divorce, BUT not until 1987!!!!!!

ALso ANdres Nocioni invented herpes and has a 3-legged dog called Iago.
Andres Nocioni played in the Spanish League for a team called Injusto Vagabundo.
Andres Nocioni fought with the fascists against the Lincoln Brigade in the spanish civil war.

Spain is like Argentina, a beautiful country crawling with dirty people.

They are also sore losers.
Before puny England kicked ARgentinas ass ("Pardon me, How do you like silver, Bitch!!") England sank Spanish Armada and Spain lost supremacy of seas under the rule of weak Hapsburg kings. Now Spain only has supremacy of Spanish Melodramas and tapas, which is food for pockets not men.

Bring your ass-first play again, and see what happens Dirty ANdres

Thats it. Oh also, Scott SKiles is a Stout Bitch.


November 6, 2003

Sorry for my english but I AM SAD.

I was saying good man Jahidi White hes going to this place Phoenix now. And we must all be sad but no one can be as sad as I because for Finland HANNO MOTTOLA is making us very proud for the NBA, but our hearts have a space for Jahidi most ofall, which is even why I am winzzutzz intern. Fate! and sadness.

I will tell you about Moomintroll.
(But in finland we spell Muumintroll.)
Muumintrolls are what makes finland from going bad in dark-darkness that winter has for us each year. Tove Jansson, I hope she rests, made the Moomitroll books for 30 languages and loved by all of Europe!! All that knows the fear of nights of winter that seem they will never go. The dark is like smoke and black paint in the brain.

But moomintroll makes everything allright... For they are round, and wonderfully mild!

A Moomintroll is small and shy and fat, and has a Moominpappa and a Moominmamma. Moomins live in forests of Finland. They like sunshine and sleep right through the winter with no demon dreams. The snow falls and falls and falls and where they live, until their houses are like great snowballs!! But when spring comes, up they jump!!!

Sometimes I spend whole week in bed in winter -- not even to wake for fish! -- imagining my excellent adventures in Moominland.

I talk long to say one thing for you.

For Jahidi white is Moomintroll of NBA for all of finland.
That is why.

Jahidi white for me and for Steve Blake and for Finland is like Moominpappa:

of course, here he is! you all know him by now. Here he is in a pensive mood!!! Hah, what laughs! What will we do without Moominpappas imperturbability--good word, what!

Good Jahidi, goodbye for now. You are a human island I know it.

Also I hope in Phoenix he finds friend like Steve Blake was for.
Ah, "Too-ticky" was moomoinpappas friend in books. Much addicted to bathing-houses, the seaside in every particular, in fact, and quite a philosopher in a way!!!!

So I have made with my heart for all I have left in there:


More than you know.

I made this in flash and with my heart so please excuse again!

And so if you would like to know more about Moomins here are some places to look at:
HERE and here but most of all you muist go here to Help Save the Moomintrolls on the internet!

---Jarkko Rutta


March 2, 2004

Checkady-choco, the chocolate chicken!!!!
Gilbert Arenas is the chocolate chicken, the real cock diesel!
Says Gilbert: "I HAVE THE CONCH Kwame!!!"
Gilberts stuffing his magic bag with touches!
Thats was a great game, with Chick Hernandez calling the team "resilient" even though we came back after blowing a 20 pt lead and even though you can only see the tippity top of Chick's head when he interviews 6'3" gilbert, like a shiny new Cremaster project!

Steve Blakes numbers belie his great development at the point, just like his mom belies under his bed on a mechanics dolly sos Steve can make his babies when he cant sleep!!
For real Stevie Blake is learning how to make space for himself, with crossovers, and off the dribble spins.
Not like Juan Dixon who Tom Knott artfully describes as dribbling the ball in place like hes "beating a rug"!!!! See the power of a single metaphor uncle tom!?
SOmetimes less is more, but not in the case of Juan Dixon!!!

Raise your hands who dropped their pom noisettes when steve blake made that double 360 bounce pass??!! And when he bent his ankle 200 degrees and stayed in the game??
CHenier commented on how young supple bodies behave (its not the first time) but the real reason stevies ankle didnt snap like a country twig is cause of his vitamin C deficiency he has lots of loose space in his joints and bendy bones. True Medical terms!!!! Steve Stricker checked it himself....

Wizznutzz #1 scapegoat, Steve stricker, NO ONE RESPECTS you.
Your not even a real doctor is one reason why.
Gilbert decides hes ready to play a month too soon then gets rehurt cuz of youthful verve and tender loins?????!!! Jerry calls it a season without even being examined???? Sneaks into lineup too soon cause of his over large heart and pride???

Like we say STEVE:

Give them fruits, stretch them out like the fullest twilight, and above all ask them to sit down and listen to their bodies.
The man puts the cart before the horse while the child would outpace his own dreams but for his flesh!
Devestated Brevin Knight waived because he has LUPUS? Seek a second opinion Brevin!!!

---Darvin Ham