by Etan Thomas,
August Strindberg swedish dramatism poet playwrite, Etan Thomas poet Washington Wizards forward basketball player, Naturalism and Expressionism, Wizznutzz, Siri von Essen, Frieda Uhl, and lastly Harriet Bosse, hypersensitive, neurotic character led to bitter divorces, the Inferno Period, telegrapher, painter, photographer and alchemist. His novel The Red Room Röda rummet More Than Athlete (2005) Shoe Wooden And1 Rise alchemy, slow decay Positivity is contagious Morning breaks, and I find myself drenched in the vomit of the succubus The Barber I hate Me A-Train Summerball Artemis, goddess of the hunt; Catherine the Great; Angela Lansbury Last poets Nikki Giovanni and Edward Hirsch. The true warrior's existing wake Who's flames burned them at the stake Total Eclipse of the Heart Bonnie Tyler Electric Circus Common trapping small insects, preparing for vertical leap Another day nearer now, yet no closer am I to my morning rashers, wretched woman Absinthe