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Monday, April 06, 2009
nba green

This week is NBA GREEN WEEK!!!!

The death of the earth is trendy issue these days and the NBA has decided to get involved and dedicate this week as a week of responsible Edutainment. They have launched lots of great initiaties. For every point scored this week Chris Bosh will plant a cabbage!

But we have obtained a classified memo from the very offices of David Stern listing some green initiatives that DID NOT make the cut!

- Halftime farmers market
- Carbon neutral dancers
- Self-composting mascots
- Craig Sager's blazers will now use chemical-free dyes
- Encourage teams to "draft local"
- Appoint Robert Parrish as NBA Green Czar
- Phase out road games
- Paperless contracts
- Weatherproof Charles Barkley
- Sponsor a Chia Pet drive
- Develop Legler Sequestration technology
- Purchase carbon offset credits every time LeBron James travels
- Pre-season games to be played via Twitter
- Steve Buckhantz used to power Phil Chenier
- Work with partner T-Mobile to reduce "Fave Five" to "Fave Three" levels by 2012
- Charlie Villanueva: now hormone-free!
- When Gilbert Arenas runs his dogs on the treadmill, sell the electricty that is generated back to the grid
- Visitor showers use recycled hot dog greywater
- Fair Trade gameworns

Charlie Villanueva Chia Head

Hop on the comments and tell us NBA green ideas you would like to see in action!


posted by wizznutzz