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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
All those Eddie Curry "pointing a loaded weapon" blog posts on the internets leaving a sour taste in your mouth?

Well heres something more savory!

Via our fave citizen muckrakers over at CANT STOP THA BLEEDING comes:


U know Wizznutzz love O-Town and u know we love meat culture so we love cafe oakley. Plus we are extra excited cuz as we reported last spring, our very own Intern August Strindberg spent the summer working as Script SUpervisor for CafeOak!!!!

Oakley has always been cooking. He loved cooking since he was a boy and has polishing his skillz since he retired from NBA. In 2006 he placed second in iron Chef Celebrity Challenge when he frightened and amazed the judges by making a 9 course meal using the secret ingredient "Fudgie The Whale" !!!!!

Oakley is versatile in an apron. he cooks all kinds of cuisines:

Classic French: Mayobaisse

American: Jimmy Dean w/ 1 Side and Soda

Fusion: Virgin Dinty Moore Concasse with Miso-Cilantro Citrus Infusion

Extreme: Cowface Frittata

Charles shared with wizznutzz a new, TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE RECIPE!!!!!

O-Town's Poule la Trouille

-One WHole Chicken
-2 Cups Flour
-12 Cups Cooking Oil
-Salt and Pepper


Preparation Time:
3 Months


-Mix flour with salt and pepper to taste in a large bowl

-Obtain a fresh chicken. If you live in the country, you can just visit your local farm to pick one up. When selecting a chicken, try to select one that seem crazy. You know, standing in a corner, missing some feathers, lying on its back, all twitchy - that kind of stuff. If you live in the city like most folks, then you going to need to find a guy who raise city chicken. Lots of folks in the city be raising animals for pets or meat in their very on apartments. These guys ain't listed though. Put word out on the street that you looking for a chicken.

-When you bring the chicken home, you need to intimidate that chicken. Intimidated animals taste best. That's a secret. You got to put the chicken on edge, make the chicken's situation real stressed out. Do stuff like move your furniture around, call the chicken by different names. Sometimes just start laughing for no good reason. Be naked around the chicken. Play loud music and put mirrors everywhere. Leave the Spanish channels on TV on when you out, and don't even look the chicken in the eye, then sometimes stare at him for a long time without blinking. You got to really put him off his game. You can't feel bad about it either. You gonna eat this chicken right? I saw this movie about a real dude who went and lived in the wild with chickens . He lived right up close with them. People don't know it but chickens are savage. They killed this dude and his woman and give it no thought. It's you or him, that's how you got to see it.

-When your chicken is freaked out good enough - you'll know when - then you got to get him ready for cooking. You need to take care of this chicken. You know what I'm saying. There are guys who will do this for you. In my cookbook I have some phone numbers. These guys don't like too many questions so just get to the point.

-Combine chicken parts in bowl with flour

-Deep fry in cooking oil until crispy brown



Stay Tuned: We have some very very VERY VERY exciting Charles Oakley news coming soon!!!!


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