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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Wizznutzz Annual Christmas Cards are in the mail!!

This years card captures the true christmas spirit very beautifully we think: its Manute Bol going lloyd dobler over the baby jesus, delivering an auto-reverse serenade of hope and piece into the bethlehem twilight from his Lasonic TRC-920!!!!!!!!!

manute bol boombox

manute bol bacon wizznutzz

Note: bacon pictured here is just for scale

But don't worry everyone on our list WILL be getting bacon with their cards, just not this kind. because times are tight for us all the bacon this year will just be loose in the envelope. And sorry Mr Leonsis, this year only one per household!!!

Every good art tells a story but also holds a mystery, and the mystery of this card is the question: what music is the Holy Bol playing??

I like to think it is a cassette of Dire Straights "Brothers In Arms" but with the last song cut off where he taped over it with "One Night in Bangkok"

Hop on the comments and tell us what you hear!

AND DOnrt forget, last minute holiday shoppers, there is no need to scour the craigslist for this years FURBY, because this years Furby is a teenage boy from Ohio called "Marcy" who is waiting with your present in the bushes in prospect park and also because we havea a special holiday sale over at THE NEWLY RE-DESIGNED Mothering Hut!!!!!


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