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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
OH and FIVE!!!!!

And DC kids start yelling "Fire Coach Jordan!" and "Blow It Up!" and "Pass The Sharpie!" and "Hopla-Hopla-Horray!"

Sure all thingz were pointing to an Annus Horribilis, and were not talking about Steve Blakes new niteclub on K Street (Biz Markie, VIP group showers, whats not to like?!)

Sure Coach looked overwelmed these first few weeks. The Princeton offense was out of sorts and even worse was the Steinitz Defense - not the famous one, but the less known one the chess hustlers in the park call "Pawns Fall Down."

Coach was emptying the bench quicker than when Justice Scalia ruled on Gay Seals V. Jesus!

Watching Eddie coach last week wuz like watching a dude trapped in a Bergman film having to play Jenga against Death!!!

But we have a rule we always say to the kids:

"Never, EVER, trade your lunch bag with Howie Mandel!!!!"

And we have another saying:

"Be patient, cuz WHITE FLINT WASNT BUILT IN A DAY!!!!!!"

Tha season is 82 games long plus these times should be dreamier than eating cheese in Xanadu for all youz "More Minutes For Randell Jackson" "More Minutes For Terry Davis" "More Minutes The Martin Ruffin One" , u types who always think the answer to lifes problems lies with tha rookie raw and rail thin kid sitting on the end of the bench, because if my name aint "CZABES LINK OF THE DAY", this time it does lie with the kid cuz The Vale of Cashmere is blowing up all over town!!! hes the first DC playa since Rip Hamilton that has caught Michael Wilbons wandering eye and that was only cuz Rip was wearing a Jordan shirt and holding a bag of cheeseburgers, and Agent Steinz's beat couldnt be getting more colorful if he wuz the cop patrolling Lionel City USA so jump up off your Fox Fatboys and cheer cuz when The Vale takes the court, just look at the tape on his shoes, it say JESUS + FORESKIN = HOLY CHEEZE!!!!

Big Gheorgge give The Vale thumbs up, and Agent Zero gave him props but also said "He's doing a good job now.... but he's got to slow down in his mind" !!! hahahah Gil telling someone they braining to much??!!! Thats like the pot calling the kettle "Potsie"!!!

SO it was during all this time of Coach unda-pressa and the big new kid with the 12 foot arms and the middle name of MESH LIFE that it was so awesome and poetricious for us to find best piece of food-sponsored basketball memorabilia since we bought Manute Bols lunch.

Circa 1974 ultra-rare autographed McDonalds Washington Bullets promo posters. Starring : KC, Dave Bing, Mike Riordan, and...

wes unseld throwback

Check out that pleather codpiece!!!! Not regulation size and weight most definitnetly!!! We scanned in Wes and made a lifesize poster!!! it keeps the looters away from the Circuit City!

Download the KC and Wes Wallpaper!

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