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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Straight Outta Norra Begravningsplatsen!!!

You think that was a crushing defeat?


When a man has awoken in a steamy ditch and studied his ravaged reflection in a pool of his own vomit,and thought, "Hey, not bad" -- such a man is not crushed by mismatched point totals.

Nay, every one of us is born defeated, and crushingly so; our subsequent worldly failings are but reminders our our essential nature. And thus should be received with gratitude! Please sir may I have another!

It is some sign of arrogance for one to not feel one's face? DeShawn is merely staring bravely into the numbness of the human soul. I, for one, cannot feel anything above my gullet, below my thighs, or west of my pancreas -- and the region remaining is a hot mess of weeping sores and engorged pustules.

Mighty Lebron was frightened as he fell to earth, fearing injury? We at Wizznutzz have been falling for generations -- hitting rock bottom would be sweet relief. Lebron is but a bit player on the stage of this tragedy, a transient Rosencrantz amid a cast of thousands, of Rods and Gars and Gods.

It was said last Thursday, and shall be said again: Wizards in six!

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