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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We are not speaking to the media.

Also because last night we got ejected from our offices at Circuit City for "conduct unbecoming to the Company" (we were using the giant novelty EASY buttons in an innapproproate manner)

But while we R here, id like to say that one of best things about playoff basketball is all the new visitors we get coming to our site from great places like Cleveland and the joshy banter we get to mhave with these freindly ambassadors!!!

Like Cavs Fan and wayshower 'ROB'!!!

He celebrated last nights cleveland win by sending us this really on-point email!!!!

I think youll agree we have a future wizznutzz intern here!!!

I also think youll also agree the best part is the part about Michael Jordan!!!!

Heres Rob!!!

Wow, guess after tonight your whole "wizards in five prediction" blew up in your face like that can of gasoline that Deshawn Stevenson was apparently holding next to LeBron's fireplace...Maybe thats why he can't feel his face (the MOST RIDICULOUS self egrandizing gloss I've ever seen). And I thought I would comment on your Rap Battle NBA edition. After a cursory glace, and thats all it deserved was a cursory glance (if you didn't know, that means a passing glance)....Your blog is PATHETIC. I realy feel like your only talent is to call people names, question a mans sexuality, boast at the top of your lungs regailing yourself with your own supossed cleverness. I'm sorry but your team clearly is inferior, it's absolutely Pathetic that you have to question a man's sexuality (no smokestack left behind hahaha, really fucking witty, sooooooo clever). Clearly you have no other ammunition other than to go for the cheap shot, the cheap shot by the way that has no basis in reality, and constitutes a basic DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER (HE has a wife). And try and tear down a man that you are clearly jealous of. Did you cheer for Micheal Jordan when HE played for your team????? Because I'm pretty sure HE is the greatest shoe salesmen, and advertising guru, I mean he's almost as responsible as Phil Knight is for what Nike is today. But yet, you're going to call him a copycat who knows nothing but the value of shoes=cash. Come on if you had any talent at all maybe someone would come and offer you some sort of endorsement deal (I know far fetched isn't it) and PLEASE don't fancy yourself a columnist, because you have a shitty blog that I was all too unfortunate to come across. If you care to comment on your team fine, if you want to actually analyze the two teams and ther redeming qualities and deficiencies then thats fine too. But try and refrain from acting like some pechulant little child who just got kicked in the nuts by the biggest bully in school, because you're right LeBron is a bully, the kind that is just better than you. Aparantly you just can't accept that your team is inferior, and have to resort to childish blast about the cavs, if that helps you sleep at night, then fine, but I know that I'll be sleeping even better on a nice 30 point win pillow.

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