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Monday, October 22, 2007
We didnt think this weekend could get any better after we read about Gilbert rounding up the repairman like he wuz Elliot Ness and violently and thoroughly suppressing the rookie insurrection of Nic n' Nick n' Night in the great 07 NoVA paintball massacre!!!

It was like leading lambs to slaughter, pumping rounds Jackson Pollock style onto Fat Jamar's back canvas!

By some miracel of Peter non Colpevole Can we pleez jesus get the security tapes on this?!!!!???

It is timez like this we are extra sad we dont have La Bomba in camp. the battle might have come out different. Word is La Bomba shoots paint like he was the second coming of Diego Rivera!!!!

But we are even more cheered up today when superfan and superstringer MJ RUTHERFORD slips under our door this morning the FOLLOWING STUNNING PHOTOGRAPH:

David Gregory

It is from last spring taken on the corner of 7th and F Streets and its a true foto and it shows none other than NBC News Chief White House Correspondent David "Stretch" Gregory buying illegal wizards tickets from a "Beltway insider"!!!

Lets hope it was just wiz tickets DGregz was after and not tickets for "Section 420" for him and "my friend Tony SNow" if you know what Im saying!!!!

DOnt buy hot duckats D Gregzz when you can get them clean from our honest sponsors such as BET US,, Barrys Tickets, or!!!

This must be very embarrassing for NBC News!!!! Especially after that photo last month surfaced of Doreen Gentzler buying Oxycontin in the Greene Turtle parking lot!!

Also making us happy these days is INTERVIEWS WITH THE GARBOT!!!!!

GARBOTOLOGY is blowin up!!!!!

have some rusty intercourse of your own with tha garbot!!!!!!

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