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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Ivan Carter and Michael Lee are tha best beat men in the association. Their Wizrads Insider gets so much insider details for the hardcore fans and they work so hard and dont get the respect they desevre at the Washington Post at all. Sure Woodward and Bernstine had skillz, they brought down Tricky Nixon and Watergate blew up and all but did Woodward and Bernstine score an explusive interview with Ernie Grunfelds 6th grade dance teacher?

Did they live on nothing but out-of-town arena nachos for 7 months?

Or have a 5 part metro featurette on what REALLY gets cleaned at the Charles Oakley Carwash (hint it rimes with Werbian Shores)?

Did they embed themselves on Christian Laettners North American Wiggles tour?

Did Woodward and Bernie get the KGB to declassify Olesky Pecherovs colonoscopy reuslts???

I dont think so!!!

Last week Mike Lee was talking about how there are no good nicknames left in the NBA.

"The best nicknames in the game today belong to Agent Zero (Gilbert Arenas), The Matrix (Shawn Marion). Boom Dizzle (Baron Davis) is picking up steam, but there isn't much else out there.."

Thanks for the sweet props Mike!!!

We are very proud to have made Agent Zero a household name!!!

And we have over the years invented many nicknames for DC Ballerz, and with the help of the powerful Agent Steinz some have stuck hard but others have slipped slowly from sight like bacon on a late august window pane!!

Lets take a look at some of our favorittes!!!

Cold Mounatain aka The Coy Mister


O-Town aka Treebeard

Big Oily

Sister Christian

The Brown Hornet


Mr Drummond

The Constable

The Phantom

Jimmy The Rat

Hobo Charlie

Stout Bitch

To show our thanks for Ivan Carter and Michael Lee for all their hard work and in the spirit of thier incites, we invite all wizznutzz readers to vote for their favorite Ivan Carter and Michael Lee nicknames in the polls below, or tell us one of your own!!!

We will pay Party John Ramos to airbrush the winning name on Ivan and Mikes '98 KIA RIOs!!!!


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