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Monday, July 30, 2007
The sports world has been smeared with scandal recently, from the bad blood of the Tour de France to the boneyard at Chais Vick to the Gameshark hearings of the pro XBox circuit to crooked ref Tim Donaghy. ANd its only gonna get worse in the coming days. Wait till Phil Mushnick opens the anonymous letter in his mailbox that details the mysterious $200,000 prop bet placed 3 days before Jarvis Hayes won "Best Dressed Wizard" even though Jarvis was wearing a 'Johnny Dangerously' promotional windbreaker and a pair of borrowed Sears Braggin Dragon tennis shorts. The real reason Wiz President Susan O'Malley resigned???

And then theres Barry Bonds whos causing for more awkward squirming in white men than a Tears for Fears concert!!!

To commemorate Barry's Big Chase, we have climbed into the mothering hut and emerged with TWO glorious tribute tees!!!

Plus we emerged with the awesome phrase "Braided-belt Belt"!!
CHuck Klosterman offered us a Leonard Hamilton rookie card and a Starsailor mix-tape for exclusive rights to the phrase but we said no Jose B!!! Our incites r open source my friend!

Hank Aaron Tshirt Jersey

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron Tshirt Jersey

Among baseball's royals, there is none more regal than Hank Aaron, the people's Home Run King, and his 755, the true crown.

Whether you want to celebrate Hank, or just protest the pretender to his throne, you'll feel unbreakably chic in our majestically detailed Home Run King Tee.

Available in a variety of hammerin' colors and styles, including metallic gold and Atlanta Braves throwback blue and red.

Shirts as cheap as $12 with our $5 coupon!!!

Barry Bonds Tshirt Jersey


Our Cryptically Commemorative
Barry Bonds Home Run Record T-Shirt

Unlike Barry Bonds, our Tainted Love t-shirt testifies, testifies to the fact that sometimes, numbers do lie!

756 is a big number. A milestone. A number as big and bulbous as the very head on Barry's shoulders.

But for many people - especially the Holy Joes of sports-talk, the baseball bourgeois, the Dave & Buster moralists, and the vast pious swaths of America's "Braided-belt Belt" - 756 is as tainted as a crate of Chinese Topol.

When Barry passed Hammerin Hank, he wrote himself into the great annals of sporting achievement, and he wrote himself into its timeline of infamy.

(The words "taint" AND "annals" on one page?! Bring it on Google!!!)

This shirt celebrates sports history's more dubious achievements, its most notorious statistics, its numerology of shame.

A great shirt for trivia geeks, history buffs, and general haters alike!

Check out the tainted love page too see how many numbers you guessed and vote for the most tainted number in sports!!!!


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