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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Wizznutzz are in process of moving to our summer sublet!
SOrry 4 delayz but turns out Rehobeth Parks Dept doesnt allow Medical "Sharps" Disposers to be placed on beach!! They say MD suburbanites have enough TB and bad tattoos!!!

In a few days we will be backing up the incite truck and dropping big load of offseason scouting and season wrap up and some very special Gods Mixtape jeep beats!

Meantime no rest in the Mothering Hut, aka 'JPeterman SOuthEast' where we are churning out tomorrow's indian slum fashions today!

This week we have sweet


"You have just been taken with the #1 overall pick in the draft. You get a photo-op with the commissioner, a hat from the owner, and one of these t-shirts from your agent.

In the big leagues, a man is only as big as his representation. And if you have a contract negotiation coming up and you want the MAX then you don't want Master P or your cousin Shaun at the table. You want one of these superagents: Drew Rosenhaus, the Jack Nicholson of the NFL Draft Show, and David Falk, whose company got $120 million guaranteed for Juwan Howard.

These sharks rose to the top of the food chain through a combination of Machiavellian cunning and casino manager flattery. A contract with their signature on it is not just bloated, it's Faustian. You may sign the checks, but don't forget for a second who works for who.

You've been owned. Say it loud and say it proud with one of our superagent tees.

If you are Alonzo Mourning this shirt may be tax-deductible."

and summers biggest trend:


"The OTB is your neighborhood's last remaining holdout against gentrification. A place where a man can get away from the pressures of work, family, and modern dentistry. The only place in town where you can still smoke, and quickly parlay the week's paycheck into a serious bank roll, or at the least a couple quarts of Buckfast Tonic Wine.

It doesn't matter if you play the quarter horses, standard breds, or Australian trotters: if you are going to lose the shirt off your back, it might as well be our classic OTB t-shirt, the latest in off-track betting fashion. "

Available in a range of styles and colors.
In men's, women's, and by popular demand: children's.


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