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Sunday, December 24, 2006
MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody!!!


We look forward to the holidays here. Ken has set up a one-man "nativity scene" in the mothering hut that makes Mel Gibson look like Nora Ephron!
Our good mate ANdrew Gaze is staying with us for the holidays and he is sharing real australian holiday traditions like vegemite halfsmokes, and watching Reckless Kelly, and playing "sticky wickets" , and not apologizing to aborigines, and singing our favorite XMas carol:



WHATTA week for the Wizards!!! I havnt seen so much STREAKBUSTING since PG County police issued summons to Unsilent Majority for his naked concession runs!!!

First Agent 0 goes for SIXTY vs Lakers and Kobe snipes "Gilbert has no conscience!"

And who are U Kobe? Raskolnikov?

Da nerve of this guy!!!! of all people, Kobe is KING OF BAD TOUCHES!!!
and thats not even counting basketball!!!

The Gilbert finsihes the road trip with 54 in amazing ESPN win in phoneix.

He did it in the gold and black alternate uniforms, and in those clothes we give him alternate nickname:

"Now You're Playing With Power!"

Gil turns to coach Mike D'Antonio and pipes "GET THEE TO A SNUBBERY!! and then sings the GReek national anthem!!

The whole team cashed up for the winz. Caron BRUBAKER Butler was inspiring and pliant. Antwan aka "offense is the best defense" dropping more runners than zola budd. I think wizards season will turn on who will outscore who: Gilbert Arneas or whartever guy an a given night is dunking on ANtwan!

And Is there anything better than Bill Walton announcing a wizards game?
It is best commentary ive heard since a confused Charleston Heston wandered from his house down to the dog track at Huntington Beach and bellowed:

"All who thirst for freedom may come with us. Come On Lucy, Scooby Flyer, Battlestar Exacta: the shadow of death will pass over us tonight, and tomorrow we will see the light of freedom. "

Watching Bill Walton call a game reminds me of that experiment you do in school when you power a radio using a potato!!!

And then on SPORTSCENTER ESPN achor drops "AGENT ZERO" name! Viva La TAKEover! Long live the Black Presidente!

To celebrate Noel Takeover, we offer awesome

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