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Sunday, November 26, 2006
What happened during our holiday break???? Did the Wiz run the table? AWESOME!! While Bullets were proving to the league that they are a 57 win team, Wizznutzz made festive centerpiece and feasted on BLack Thanksgiiving, scarfing a huge, deep-fried wilturken -- he's tasty once you cut off the fat!!!

Then WizzNutzz interns spent Black Friday in the Circuit City stockroom, smuggling PS3s and Wii's out the back door. (Ken accidentally took repeated utterings of "I'll have a Wii" to be an invitation to urinate all over the place, and his bright yellow shrapnel hit a stack of Clipse CDs!!! Now Hell Hath No Fury is not only long overdue, it smells like rotten celery!!!!)

But we managed to screen grab this shot & blowup of Agent Zero's latest tattoo:

But we can't read what it says, but that due mayeb to fact WE CANT READ!!! Read this out loud because there's a chance someone close to you can't. THANK YOU, now give me 10 cents so I can get off at Wheaton station!!!!

It looks like it says "Shorty" or "Invitro", but maybe it says "AGENT ZERO" but maybe that's wishful dreaming. Or maybe the tattoo says "I will buy for One Million Dollars so I can control the Takeover, my pain, my gain, my brain on fire with desire to roll a tyre, british spelling is so hottt. And I will throw in 2 pairs of Gil Zeros (size 12)," but maybe that's just wishful peeing!!!!

What do you think Gilbert's new tatto says?

posted by wizznutzz