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Friday, November 17, 2006
A Postcard arrived for US today at Circuit City!!!!

Hullo to my friends!

I miss you so all and when Im seeing that you are all so well and have "exploded" so big like a Big Bang Dana always talking about would happen!!

Please be sure and hit my friend Ken with the steel brush for me!!! Please to see Wizards playing hard like statue erections of Sïnebrychøff Museum. But why now Ronaldo Balkman allowed all the points he has for our defense? I love him in band "The Cameo", he is "just like the candy" when sold all the tickets on one day because FInland magazine tells people of his shiny cod piece and for finland only best talents allowed cod flesh on costumes. But playing basketball?

For me and life it goes on many ways since I wave you off on the 2:15 RîdeOn bus those months away now. From being the intern for an American internet, it opens doors and possibilities I cant even expect!

This summer I help as "counsel" at Jyvåskylå 'Mixed Pickles' Youth Camp where our motto was for english mouths "Tomorrow's Ennui Starts Today!"
I even play in camp band. I blow my mouth on the biggest shiny fagotti in whole band!!!

Then when camp finish after summer I go back to Kokkola to help my uncle with his fishing. It was tired working! It is because Finland has ban for net fishing now to let fish come back and fill Baltic like mice babies in my beard. Is MUCH harder to catch fish with my hands! I remind me of Calvin Booth with my head in ice feeling for groupers!

But then I get wonderful job with people of theatre calling them the "Tap Dogs"!! They are from "Oz" and are men, not Wallaby! Haha!
They dance with energy and in denim and dance in leather boots with no laces! WHo hears of such a thing, is more exotic even than spaghetti for me! I have important job of rubbing the dance boots with seal fat to turn them supple and willing like emotions of young child.

Then one morning I am woken and told I have been hired by aarisëlka Secret Police or I am arrested by aarisëlka Secret Police, I am not told which of them! But they are Secret Police right!! Shhhhh! But only last week I am brought before the Paàllikkð and I am told I am being sent home because they find I work on a blog and is not safe for me to do this!!! Imagine!!! Are they thinking Michael Adams is spy for Lapland??!!! That one is good! I know Michael Adams wear trechcoat all times but is not because spy, is as he tells me, is for sound of "swish" that satisifies him to hear folds of London Fog rubbing on thighs as naked as nature which is a feeling across all boundaries and lands not for one country for secrets!

SO I am bound back in home as long cruel winter setting in and my mind is black and slow like wood tar and you know a feeling of dreaming things when awake? I am alone and in my bad times i am swearing I see The very Groke from Moominvalley who is your American Grimace from USA but is TRUE 'Grimace', like woeful mascot for all the nordic sadness. And when Groke tells to me "now you will cut own thighs with the tool now you will Jaarko" I know I must think of my friends then and happiest times and think about them hard and I think of my very favorite pensive creatures, the Moomintroll and the Chris Webber and their small magical forearms and I make a wallpaper for my friends from Reindeer skin and love that is the small flame danceing in my oil lamp when im staring at flame with my eyes big and red becasue like flame if I go out I never will come back.

Bye! Love Jarrko!!

- - - - - - -

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