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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Brenda Haywood, you insolent dinosaur, you somnabulent horse whisperer, you desperate tragedy wench!!!!!!
Ba Ba whines about losing starting job to Jah Jah Etanfari, and then he has his sniveling agent make some wimpering noise about respect and fair shakes and how Hay Hay loves to wear pink panties but that he's still tough and fair and willing to play for the Bobcats as long as Salieri "coaches me up like a mule." BIZZZATCH!

But St. Thomas didn't like that Brenda tucked her penis between her legs and screamed, "Put the lotion in the basket!" at EVERY SINGLE PRACTICE, so Tan Tan confronted him and then popped him straight in the milkdud. So Brenda retaliates by body slamming the Poet and ripping out two of his holy dreadlocks. OUT IN THE STREETS THEY CALL IT MURDAH!!!!

It's time to trade Brenda Haywood for Party John Ramos, no. 9 draftpick of the Idaho Stampede. Party John may not have a North Carolina pedigree or any basketball skills, but he knows where people throw down Long island Ice teas and gyals wine dem waists to dem dutty dutty soundz!!! Plus he's got huge soft hands and the ability to say, "Good Job, Etan" from the third row while wearing a suit. Stonehands Haywood has never said anything nice to Etan other than, "I own a cassette copy of Legend. It's average."

Until Brenda is driven out of town on on the back of a mule named Karla Knapfel, WizzNutzz will endeavor to document every sour puss that the cretinous cauliflower makes while watching Tan Tan put up double-doubles in losing efforts!!!

Here's Pinky Pantyther during the opening game vs. Cleveland, looking like somebody just told him he'd have to shave Michael Ruffins' balls at halftime.

And here's Hay Hay Me Me I I Wee Wee during the Orlando game last night, watching Etan Thomas, the mothereffin' poet, pull down 15 johhn y rebs, score 14 anna kornikovas, and cock block 6 sergei federovs!!!! I think he donated money to 17 charities during the timeouts, too!!!

Dear Brenda, Thanks for the support & glowing attitude tonight, you pink child!!! Your 8 minutes of gameplaye rendering 0 points, 0 rebs, 0 blocks, and dozens of turtled penises really helped the team!!!

One final note for the refs: Orlando Magician Carlos Aaroyo has got more flops than Ben Affleck!! In Bill Cosboy "Buck Buck" terms, when somebody hits you lightly on court you should say,"What was that, a mosquito? It felt like a piece of paper" -- and yet Karl Arroyo jumps to the ground like somebody stunn gunned him. FLOPHOSUE!@!!! He's got drunk mickey mouse living in his backside and destitute Donald Duck borrowing money from his soul.


posted by wizznutzz