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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

>>>Ivan the Terrible tha Carter reports that Dsong is gonna play center sometimes this season? He's 6 Feet 8 Inches!!! Dsong is a solid shooter, but if we wanted yet another short stocky center-forward who can't compete against Shaq, why not just sign Hidi? He'd come cheaper & he gets great deals on cigarettes.

>>>Meanwhile, the Moonies have dropped this bomb:
The Wizards this season will introduce an alternate road uniform, according to team sources. The new uniform, it is believed, will be gold and black. ...
Gold & black? Yes!!! It sounds like the same outfit that Awvee wears when he goes out with Agent Zero. The black & gold gameworns won't show enough moisture for our tastes, but uninteionally going after the Pittsburgh market -- a mere 4.5 hours away from Verizon Center -- is brilliant move by Abe & Susan!!!! Sometimes thhat Dynamic Dup have great marketing ideas; sometimes, not so great.

>>>Tom KNott was also at yesterday's press conference -- see Etan, Knotz gets out of the beanbag & stretches his cholesterol clogged legs once in & a while. The Knotty One is our favorite writer and our biggest influence. He can turn a phrase and then turn it again and then onece again and then once more so that the rotisserie chicken ends up more like wild boar.

>>>We don't love the Pistons just because they once featured Darvin Ham, Ben Wallace and Rip Hamilton in the lineup; we have Motor City Roots. Go here to read WizzNutzz remininscenednene about Detroit punk rock and horse porn.

>>>Excellent homemade "Bullets Fever" video!!! Such an inspiration!!! See what you can do with a TRS-80 and 997th generation recording of Nils Lofgren's finest moment? DARE TO DREAM.


posted by wizznutzz