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Friday, May 05, 2006

Two hot "Queen James" dubplates straight from two AWESOME superfanz!!!! These two bangers WILL BLOW UP THE INTERNETS!! Al Gore was seen adding more wires to the WWW2 just to compensate!!! Right click on links below to download:

"Queen James" (John Surma's Milk Dud Remix)
(A Eminem D12 hyphy trip!!!! Listen to our flow!! Liste4n for awesome subtle sound effects punctuating punchlines -- that's some Dre level sh*t!!! JJ Surma, you are a CHAMPION!!! More!!!)

"Queen James" (Kevin Ferguson's DnB Remix)
(DnB, is that Dave & Busters???? We've always wanted to front the synth-pop band Band of Love!!! No, REALLY. Our favorite song EVER is "I Touch Roses (a.k.a Kwames Taint)." This is a GREAT JOb, KFerg!!! More!!! Fergie is also responsible for the LEGENDARY "Bullets Fever" remix that can be downloaded from God's Mix Tape!!! Go there now!!!)

JJ Surma & K Ferg will be spending a week inside the MOTHERING HUT with Ken the Intern and Ledell the Eackles courtesy of Manouche's Half-Smoke Stand outside the Tower Records in D.C. !!! There's still time to do your own remix!!! Right click here to download "Queen James" a capella and fire up the soft synths!!!

Dear MCI Verizon Center: YES, you have our permission to play these bangers TONIGHT to fire up the Black President and his Cabinet!!!

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