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Friday, May 05, 2006


While Agent Zero has been getting ready for game 6 and fulfilling Barbara Harrisons forbidden fantasies, Wizznutzz r super conident 4 win tonite. Its been a great series and though we make fun of Queen james alot hes a fine player and done for city of Cleveland what 300 years of white men couldnt do! Like we said on Deadspin: King james is a nice face for the NBA, especially if the NBA is about to cry. He is better face for NBA than Zildrunas Ilgouskas. When ever i see Zildrunass Ilgauskas face I dont think NBA i think "small children just buried in the woods"

QueenJamez has says he can carry his team on his back and also carry dreams of TV executives and emasculated suburban dads and pockmarked limo drivers, he carries the weight of the world like Atlas, but Queen james lemme say that Ayn Rand wrote a book called "GREED FOR DUMMIES" and it had the motto:


Atlas shrugged, Atlas didnt didnt cry and he didnt plead and no way did he skip around like Nancy Drew in a pastry fight And LeBron shoulkd know this cause in his first week in NBA one morning someone slipped a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" under his door. It was anonymous who gave it, but there were some clues: in the margins of most pages was written "is it in YOU?" and the book smelled like cigars and adultery and a page was bent over and when lebron opened to that page written in big childish marker and circled was the words:

"SHOES = CASH!!!!"

But i hope lebron read the book though, because then he would also know the quote:

"We want them to be broken. You'd better get it straight that it's not a bunch of boy scouts you're up against... We're after power and we mean it... There's no way to rule innocent men."

I dont know what that means but it has something to with why Wes Unseld isnt allowed to ride in school busses.

But I DO KNOW that Ayn Rand knocked boots with OBJECTIVISTS. she wasnt a a classical rationalist (like Descartes, or Guggliotta) and she wasnt like the classical empiricists led by Patrick Ewing and the Vienna Circle who formulated the verifiability principle:

"I may think think about baked beans and they may exist,
but if theres baked beans in my morning sheets then i was eating in my sleep again."

Instead Ayn Rand was a straight cash homey ALPHA BETTY who thought production was heroism.
like JUST DO IT.

Lebron u may ask: "Is that mean I just gotta bring my A game"? Hell I can do that" but beware because there is a MAJOR flaw in this beliefs:

Objectivism, like 'Naked Detective', is a young mans game, when you get old and slow and cant produce, (like Billy Joel crashing his renault into the sand-- hitting rock bottom in the Hamptons takes FOREVER!!!) then suddnely Atlas Shrugged turns into - poof - "the Old Man And The SHoe", and laissez-faire capitalism becomes MALAISSEZ-faire and no funeral is more bitter and unattended than the death of a BRAND!!!!!!!!

Its like you ask sherpas about a trail MULE, they will tell you : :"you have to walk the mule. always walk the mule. the mule cannot bear to stop walking because it is crazy if it stands still. Its bites off its own fur and does mad behaviour like trying to attack cougars"

Mules Attacking Cougars I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome Daily Bacon today!

DR CHESNUTT from Celtics DOOM blog has gone Cold Mountain and chased the money to !!!!!!!!
we offered him MAX INTERN DEAL: (10% off day-old meats, exclusive use of Ledell Eakles) but unlike Lobster Roll hes already paying off: such as coining new Agent Zero name:


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