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Monday, May 01, 2006

Above: Gilbert begins yesterday's game-changing striptease!!!!

He even stripped off the padded undershorts he wears to protect him from hard fouls and even harder falls.
Steve Blake used to wear a full sumo suit under his uniform BEFORE the games just to ward off Jahidi.

Mike Wise says, "Clothes Do Make the Man" and reveals that GILbert played NAKED MAN in the lockerroom production of "The Snub."

"This is LeBron's show, you know," Arenas said through a babykins smile. "We're all just -- we're just all witnesses." A "babykins" smile??? Is that the sort of face a little kid has after he makes in his pants? THEN WE KNOWN EXACTLY WHAT A BABYKINS SMILE IS!!!

"He's the best pure scorer I've ever played with," said Calvin Booth, the veteran reserve center on the Wizards. REVELATION: Who knew that Cal had even played with Gilbert???
Chubb Rock Wilbon says, "Wizards Prefer to Chase." WE'VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR YEARS!!!!
Damon Jones is an enemay of the state of D.C.!!

He told the Washington Times that Wizards center Brendan Haywood is "a baby, period. Babies can't foul hard. He's a big kid. He's not out to hurt anybody. He's just doing what his coach tells him to do. I don't make a big deal out of that.''

Then Assbasket Jones and his Chinese shoes abruptly backpedaled like a little league centerfielder!!

"I meant he wasn't a bruiser or a guy who would foul intentionally. I said he's a baby, he's a kid, meaning that's not his nature,'' Jones said. ``It seems like everybody is turning it around like I was saying he's soft. I respect Brendan Haywood. It was taken out of context."

Brenda responds with the HARDEST FOUL of his career!!!

"I'm not worried about what he says,'' Haywood said. "If he was playing a little bit more then it might be something I take into consideration, but I'm not even going to be able to say anything to him because I'm not going to be on the Cleveland bench.''

Such an awesome jape from a man with such small hands!!!


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