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Saturday, April 22, 2006
Some Playoff game 1 vs. Cleveland IN GAME incites!!! REFresh Offten! PRetend WIzzNutzz is like "SUmmer's Breeze"!!!

After 1 quarter Gilbert is playing like he did last year vs. Bulls: With mind on "Halo 2" and with brain set to "WALLABY." Gilbert looks out of sorts, like the time we came back to WizzNutzz HQ after spending the evneing at Wheaton CIrcuit City watching mid-season game vs. Atlanta Hawks and found Intern Ken duct taped into a fetal position and a "DON'T SAVE ME" signed taped to his genitals. TO EACH HIS OWN, but Gilbert WE NEED YOU!!! The Black President needs to DECALRE WAR ON THE REPUBLIC OF CLEVEOLNAD!!! DO noT wait for CONGREss of Law of the LAND. BOMB AWAYS!!!!!

Cleveland is wearing beards to show team unity, all except for babyfaced and hair-faceless Anderson Varejao, who is wearing a merkin to show team unity and to show off his HUGE MONS PUBIS.

Antawn is acting like a saloon door for Lebron. Don't give it up like JACK TWIST, Antawn!! JACK TWIST? JACK NASTY says the wife!! Make King Ennis Del Mar James work for it!!

Recycled incite from message baord comment we left at Freedom of Darko:
Why does everybody leave out THE BLACK PRESIDENT when talking MVP? Without Agent Zero the Wizards wouldn't be going to the playoffs; they'd be going over to Wes Unseld's house for the annual uncomfortable team picnic where Abe Pollin always drinks too much cheap brandy and starts pinching G-Wiz in the ass and Rod Strickland hammers half-smokes like he's stocking up for winter. AND NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO SEE WES UNSELD IN A BANANA HAMMOCK BEFORE MAY!!!! Thank you, Gilbert!

After 2nd Quarter:
Agent Zero passed up the last shot of the quarter to Tough Juice -- WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ASSAASSSIN?? Gilbert needs to play some poker at halftime and chill out.

Jared Jefferies is the Wiz's leading scorer after 2 quarters?? He's totally taking Calvin Boothe's advice to have a good playoff, cash in for life. Calvin made more money off his Supersonics contract than he ever made off the 146 movies he starred in.

Ohh, hold on: emotional Gilbert proifile oon now....
Sorry, no second half incites!!! Ken's MEATY SAMBUCA'S kicked in and Dana started smashing TV's at Circuit City like they were Whack-A-Moles (Remember: Snitches End Up in Ditches!!! --Melo). We got kicked out and went back into the office to listen to Dave ROD Rod Rod Rod Rod and Scott Jacksson slit their throats on 980-AM, but we all passed out in the Mothering Hut when the dial-up connection went dead.



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