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Friday, April 07, 2006

New Incites Revealed into manic brain of AGENT ZERO!!!!

Gil collects signed jerseys like he does everything -- obsessivley!

"When I'm done, I'm going to build an all-glass gym and have them built in the floor."

Man thats cool, when he quits ballin hes gonna go extra crazy with the spare time, and building a giant glass temple of memorabilia is the perfect mad quest hobby. But grandiose retirement plans dont always work out the way u want right? Just ask former Bullets Baller STAN LOVE. He got in with a bad crowd of creative anachronists and next thing he knows hes at the Maryland town hall being told "Prince Of Gaithersburg" is not a recognized power!!!

and then finds out that the metrobus does not take Gaulish Tarins , which he had converted his life savings to, and so he walked home, his homemade armor sounding the clanking footsteps of a man marking out the boundaries of his own limitations.

Maybe Werner Herzog will make an intense and obsessive documentary about Gilbert!

"The Mesh Messiah" maybe.

That would be so sweet! But no, i forgot, Gilbert doesnt talk to Werner anymore cuz of the time they were playing Gauntlet 4-player coop-mode at the PuttPutt Arcade with Kinski and Blatche, and Werner's elf got killed, and he started bugging Gil by doing this grave voiceover to try and distract Gilbert from his game and then Werner crossed the line when he says

"Stupidity is the devil. Look in the eye of a chicken and you'll know. It's the most horrifying, cannibalistic, and nightmarish creature in this world. "

Some snubs cant be unsnubbed.

Plus anyway gilbert isnt so obsseive after all, hes just "a WAYSHOWER" , thats according to trainer Steve Stricker, who uses alternative medicine and rest to cure wizards players (why do you think Jarvis Hayes smells like cloves?) .

Steve Stricker announced last week that Gilbert does NOT have ADD or ADDHD or OCD. He does NOT have Aspergers Syndrome, even though he particpated in the Jimmy The Greek Aspergers Skills Challenge at this years All Star Weekend (skills included: taking food off others plates, making fun of birthmarks, raising ones hand when farting).
And hes not retarded or EVil.

Turns out Gilbert is .... AN INDIGO CHILD!!!!!

All the evidence is there:
the desire to live instictively, antisocial behaviour, enlarged 3rd chakra.

ANd best part of all...

Indigos live to 150 Years Old!!!!!

Thats older than Abe Pollin!

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