Wednesday, April 19, 2006  

Brenda Fassie
"Black President"
Greatest Hits

Being the BLACK PRESIDENT AND Agent Zero means Gilbert loves political music -- and not just from the crusty-punk axis of power!! He loves revolutionary songs of the SOuth African anti-apartheid fight so much that the he still won't play Sun City!!! (We're not talking Phoenix, Tom Knott!!!)

This song was originally written for Nelson Mandela by South African pop star Brenda Fassie, who has great taste in BLACK PRESIDENTS!!! Murderous dictator Charles Taylor in Liberia notwithstanding!!! She would have surely loved Gilbert, for though he is an ASSASSIN, he's a good-hearted assassin, like The Professional or Elektra or John Cusak in GRoss Point Blank!!!

Brenda Fassie was known as the "Madonna of the Townships" -- right up until she overdosed on cocaine and fell into her son's arms! Tragic!!! G-Wiz and Jerry Stackhouse had a similar incident when they tried to spend a 9th day in their weeklong beach house rental and a coked up G-Wiz kept lighting himself on fire and inhaled the burning fumes from his polypropelene underwear. He collapsed in Stack's arms, but luckily Stack was wearing MAN TIGHTS which kept his groin warm whenever G-Wiz's hand strayed so he was able to carry his lover all the way to the Holy Cross hospital in Silver Spring. THAT'S RIGHT, STACK RAN 800 MILES FROM THE OUTER BANKS WITH A TEAM MASCOT IN HIS ARMS BECAUSE HIS MAN TIGHTS ARE THAT IMPORTANT TO HIM!!!

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