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Sunday, January 08, 2006

So a story broke a few weeks ago that has been buried deeper than Brendan Haywood on the pine train and and it seems like the wizznutzz have buried it too, but not so. Time has a way of warping when one tries to confront the contingency of the universe by masturbating but time catches up to us and its time 4 incites not flesh.

So Phil jackson takes Kwame Brown in to remake him with kindness but instead takes every chance he can to
taunt the young saviour as a P***SY!!!

Jesus suffered for our sins sure, but really he only suffered for a couple days right??? Plus he came back to love and adoration and then came back again on a grilled cheese sadnwichj and no one even dared take a bite.

Meanwhile Kwame suffered for years after Pontius Pollin allowed the mob to choose Barabbas the murderer aka Salieiri the Envious over the new messiah. But Kwame was taken from the cross and sent to California, and his ressurection was announced to great joy in Los Angeles:

"'Your king is coming to you! He is humble and rides on a donkey" ( the donkey was sent to the developmental league. Hi PJ Ramos!).

Kwame was ressurected and started a new life, like Jesus but his contract was guaranteed.
He buys a condo with good light in a west hollywood complex with a pool and potted plants and he puts up his Pulp Fiction poster and discovers Cobb Salads and juice bars and goes to iHop to find peace, the ironic cool iHop where minnie driver would sometimes go where she would order dozens of waffles in a big stack to try and hide her enormous head in shame, a head so big it must be weighed using veternary water displacement equipment.

And Kwame saw the possibility of a future for the first time before him, and enrolled in Robert McKee's Story Seminar to try and polish some scripts he had worked on. He had 7 scripts, but all of them were about two male salad growers in wyoming who fall in love but one is kidnapped by an old vampire and in each one a different character from Tekken 3 comes in at the end and kills the vampire. All is going great

AND Now Phil Jackson has stabbed him right in the Fifth Chakra!

It shouldnt have been this way. Wasnt Phil supposed to have practically written the great motivation sports book :

Zen and the Art of Manchild Maintenance??

So much promise after living under the Tao of Salieri.
There are two I's in Salieri just like in Narcissist and in 'Tao of Salieri' are the words I EAT OATS.

But the law of Buddha isnt the law of MULEMEN

Cuz Buddha dropped knowledge, he dropped:

• knowledge of the annihilation of suffering
• knowledge of the way that leads to the annihilation of suffering
• knowledge of the things connected with despair,

and most of all, (as anyone who coached Kwame must embrace), the Buddha had knowledge of the 'non-production of things '

Not only did Buddha not hate the game, he didnt hate the playa but Coach Jackson does.

SCrew you Phil Jackson, kwame may forgive you but i wont. Your no buddha. You have achy knees and a wan dharma and your linen neru jumpman sweats dont fool me. And you are sleeping with Jerry Buss's daughter and she is 1/2 the DNA of her father so the big questuion for you Phil is: which half of Jerry Buss are you having sex with?

posted by wizznutzz