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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Wiz stop the bleeding last night against Cahrlie Villaneuva and the T Rapzz!.

Gilbert was chickity choko the clutch money chicken and Constable Hayes was a civil enforcer and "Chevy CHase Bank Player of the game". The "Lower Ninth Ward Dairy Queen Associations Player of the Game" went to the Black SMoothie: Andray Blatche!! The BlatcheKey Kid isnt faster than a speeding bullet but he is nubile & supple and the most pliantly machosensual manboy in theez parts since HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED. AB had his most meaningful minute since that discovery in the bath in '98.

The Raptors are an easy W though, especially with Jose Calderone, aka "The Spanish Fly" running point. Calderone is Spains most prestiguous chaser since Vasco de Balboa first pursued native Bears in the new world.

With Calderone in town it meant that Gilbert Arenas Senior was at the game but he wasnt their to watch his son, he was their on important stakeout!!! As we reported here many times, Gilbert Senior was an extra in 1st 2 episodes of Miami vice, and even tho his role ended in 1984, psychology specialists at his custody hearings testified he has never emerged out of character since those days. Calderone was the south american drug lord in Miami VBice that killed Tubbs brother and ever since Rapotors signed Calderone from spanish league, Gil Sr has being living in Toronto "deep undercover" as "Ronaldo Tumms" hanging around low life areas of the city like strip bars and illegal card games and fleabag motels and the Dominos on Dennis Way. He is hot on calderones trail for vengeqance. Gil Sr leaves his own trail. Its a trail of garlic sauce.

Canadian authorites are aware of Gil Srs movements but leave him alone because they say:

"Mister 'Tumms' hasnt done anything illegal. Unless wearing a soiled white linen blazer with sweatpants is a crime"

posted by wizznutzz