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Friday, November 18, 2005
It is the ONE year anniversary of a dark day that gave the sport of NBA a black eye....
but was a smashingly successful day for the wizznutzz!!!


Winess the madness, thje horror, rasheed's bald patch!

One year ago today Ron Artest went Margot Kidder and ran into the stands like a Tru Warier and started killing innocent BASQUES forcing repercussions like David Stern addressing NBA's "Negro problem"

Witness the stunning details in SIoux 23s master work:
The blu cup, the greiving nba logo, the severed forearm of Jim Grey!!!

As we said then Jim Grey at Auburn hillz that nite was like Dick Schapp at the Munich Olympics, except with stadium concessions instead of FIRE AND DEATH!!!

The fallout was big:
suspensions, soul searching, an Allure tour, tall men before judges, alderman Unseld pleading for calm, Wes unseld searching pants for mice.

The biggest villain of all still hasnt answeerd for his sins of nearly tearing the country apart.

"David Foster Wallace",
who went agro and escalated the madness.

David Foster Wallace is Bens bro but also part of Bens entourage, taking care of small details, like setting up interviews and providing security, and committing himnself to prosecuting an obsessive, almost quixotic war against irony and its tyranny over modern culture.

As seen in the fight video he favors a black suit but no tie*, revealing a form-conscious playfullness.

But because of Gay republican pundit and superfan ANdrew Sullivan we got 70 THOUSAND hits for AUbernbica so the violence was all worth it in the end.

We embrace all gay republicans!!!
We have many common values with you: we too believe that aggressive business deregulation and the pliant symmetry of a man's buttocks are both proof of gods planzz!!!

*I can't help but recall the weekends at tennis camp. For all the money in the world, ultimately, there is a man who judges the line, watches for perturbed chalk as he ignores his empty heart. Right? Don't even pity this man, and you spit at his feet. That would be a msitake. And having a ginger cocktail at the club on summer nights, its the man in a tuxedo that is going to park your car as soon as hedge your funds, so what really is a dress code beyond a didacticicism of fashionista's? A fashion of Comfort for certain must be the only above-board, virtuous fashion---was not Bjorn Borg always the most comfortable court formalist? But fashion = virtue? It is by design feint, trickery; the embrace of pseudo 'A' and pseudo 'B', a pseudo canon with a "big C". If even bullshit has its own integrity, as Gore Vidal toasts in his old gay way, then are not my 4-sport gunmetal Nike crosstrainers bold-faced liars like my art upon the page? Geez.

posted by wizznutzz