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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hey everybody!!! It’s Dana Von Postgame Call-In Show Girl!!! The Wizznutzz Intern with the Internist (on speed dial!!!) Am I eternal or an eternalist? Neither, I'M INTERN DANA!!!!! That's me on the left. I got SO DAMN BLURRY FACED with Rod Strickland that night at the TGFridays in Bowie. LONG ISLAND ICE TEAS WILL FUCK YOU UP, BOY!!! SO will a punch to the face!!!

My firstest posting of the Wizznuttzzz new year and I say HEEEEYYY HOOOO HEEEEEEEY Hoooo, Hey, I’M A HOOOO!!! IT’S DANA ERRYBODY!!!!

7 days late and hundreds of dollars short ( just like my pimp told me last night!!!) but I got Later Breaking News!!!

Salieri Jordan, betrayer of Gay Messianic Manchildren everywhere, says in 60 Minutes interview with fellow feeble elderly black male Ed Bradley (matching earrings!!!) that the Wizzards “used” him and he would never returned to court in 2001 to terrorize small boys with stone hands if he had known that owner Abe Pollin gonna fire his Foul Airness once he wanted to return as team president in order to further run franchise into ground (why Honest Abelton kept on Big Wes for 20 years running into ground we’ll never know, but it might have something to do with compromising photos and a soiled adult diaper. JUST SAYIN’!!!).

In Washington Postie article, Mr. Dr. Michael Bruce Lee wrote:

Jordan fully expected to run the basketball team when his playing career ended, but Pollin informed him at a meeting on May 7, 2003, that Pollin was going in a different direction -- a move Jordan said caught him completely off guard. "If that was the case, I obviously wouldn't have gone back to play," Jordan said. "I felt like I played injured, I went through surgery and I did the things that a lot of these young kids did not do."

‘SCUSE ME??? Who you trying to fool, Old Man Salieri? I hear your knees and your logic creaking all the way inside this WizzNutzz office sauna where fellow Intern KEn's tortured screams for mercy from a vengeful god are coming thru loud and clear thru the ball-gag and drowning out everything, bitch! Because What makes you think that had you stayed on as President of Courtney Alexander Fan Club that Abelton Poillin wouldn’t have fired you anyway? Uh, LEONARD HAMILTON!!! Uh, GARBOT HEARD!!! Uh, HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED? (THINK PINK!!!) Rip Hamilton for a man who loves rubber moistening mascots and scaring up 8-day beach rentals???? FIRED!!!!

And what’s this with bragging that “I did the things that a lot of these young kids did not do”??? Because as far as we know all them young kids cheat on their wives with white chicks, too!!!! OR if you Rod Strickland and Chico Debarge, you cheat wit ME!!!

Good to be flippin’ the script in the 05-6, y’all!!!!

posted by wizznutzz