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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Finnish intern Jarkko Ruutu reports from the sauna at WizzNutzz HQ:

It feel soooo good to be back with Wizards Nutzz!!! Almost as good as time last summer when naked Moomintroll crawl in my bed and ask me if I like watch gladiator movies. I say yes and tell Moomintroll my friends in Tampere call me The Spaniard. Moomintroll smiled with plush softness, holded up damaged paw to shush my mustache and telled me to touch his rubber duck -- slowly but evenly with firmness and intention. Such thrillingness!!!

As all know, Finnish people LOVE sauna and it feel SOOO GOOD too that WizzNutzz have new hotbox in Chevy Chase offices in order to re-punginate elderly game worns. For instances, the first month of season Bullets great Ledell Eackles is locked in sauna with vodka and smokes so he can sweat stench into 1997 intrasquad pre-season classic shorts. Why does Drakar Noir never smell so sweet? My friend intern Ken Beatrice is in charge of keeping coals moist and heat hot though often just we find him laying nude on burning rocks and crying through ball gag. Such selflessness!! The burned fleshings of Ken makes Ledell smoke and sweat extra hard. Hey Ledell, I think I see neck sweat!!! No, just mirage!!! Ha ha ha!! Just kid. So good be back!!!!

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