Tuesday, May 17, 2005  

WE ARE STILL WORKING ON OUR WIZZNUTZZ SEASON WRAP UP, but some MAJOR stories concerning Wiz ballerz in the newz the last couple of days we had to comment...

Former Bullet Rex Chapman blows the whistle on RACISTS at Kentucky University

Rex describes how he was ridiculed and called nasty names for dating black women.
What a Double Standard!
Im sure the black ladies were never called names when seen on campus Sexin Rex! Names like
"Hey Paste Lover!" "There goes the Cracker Barrell" and "Filthy CHAPWOMAN!!"

Also u think Morgan Freeman ever got any grief when he was dating Ashley Judd during her sophmore year at Kentucky???
Hell NO! Morgan was making out with Ashley in the quad in plain daylight! People see a beige reincoat on Ashleys dorm door knob and they knew he wasnt in there rehearsing lines for "Along Came a Spider"! You think Morgan got the business when he was seen checking his moles in the mirror of the sorority bathroom! Hell no again, people be wooping it up for Morgan, hi fiving the man. Triple standard!

The Miami Herald got the scoop on Gilbert Arenas mom!

Its very poignant. The best part tho for sure is to find out that Gilbert Senior played a drug dealing snitch in Miami Vice EPSIODE ONE and he was also in Van Damme movie "Lionheart" NETFLIX HERE WE COME!!! Check back this summer for wizznutzz acting clips!!!

Juan Dixon is the only NBA player set to testify on steroids.

Juan Dixon, Steroids!!!!!

Only 4 possibilites exists for this:

A. Juan thought it was a hearing to look into the unsanitary bathroom habits in the NBA
B. Juan Dixon is being asked to appear so David Stern can point to him and say "You think we got steroids in the NBA?? steroids in the NBA?? I give you Exhibit A!" Tom Daschle: "Mister Dixon please remove your trousers"
C. Juan Dixon will be used in a "Before and After" demonstration by sports physicians expert witnesses.
D. They're gonna dip Juan Dixon in ink and use him as a quill to sign the Steroid Proclamation!

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Funniest column yet. Too bad Dixon is going to leave us.

By Anonymous, at 11:31 AM  

Juan's Dixon Tom DeLay's mouth! Pay Juan $22 million for that lobbying service, beeyotch!

By Lindemann, at 5:41 PM  

Whats is a MAN WOrth? Its a philosdophical question. Also, what is man worth who serves turkeys during thanksgiving chairty day?

By Darvin, at 9:25 AM  

Daschel is not in the Senate anymore!

By Anonymous, at 2:39 PM  

We Know THAT!
He shouted it from the Gallery!

By Darvin, at 8:30 AM  

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