Wednesday, February 09, 2005  

Congratulations Gilbert and Antwan


You’ve come along way babies™ !!!!
Gilbert and Twan (and LBoogie also): they came from GoldenState and have been reborn!

That’s what it is. That’s a book by Charles “Dickens” that has a famous line:

“Times were Ruff, but you better believe times have changed!”

To celebrate this great moment owner Abe Pollin stopped practice and wheeled out a big musty cake!

Abe Pollin may be Mister Drummond...
but is he also MISS HAVISHAM?!?

That’s Charles Dickens again you Chocolate Chickenzz!

Miss Havisham was a crazy old spinster who was jilted on her wedding day and has worn her old wedding dress for 30 years and keeps her stale wedding cake as a reminder that she hates men and is mad crazy! People try to feed off her wealth, and she feeds off their envy and subservience. The feeding is symbolized by the mice, which eat the bridal cake and which she claims have gnawed at her heart! Just like how Abe went to Sibley Hospital with heart pains last year and the doctors diagnosed… thats right MICE!!!!

Mister Havisham has a sole photo of himself at MCI, embracing Wes Unseld after winning eh NBA trophy 27 years ago!! (its a black and white photo, literally and literally!) And his heart broke that night and he has never won since and has grown bitter and mad. He hid away in the capital centre which was decayed like his mind. He was a bitter Captain truly, more bitter even than another Captain from that time, Captain Stubing!! Captain Stubing lorded his power over the crew and guest stars because he weas jealous of their youth and benign romantic entanglements and their fashionable clothes, (clothes that were as synthetic and ill fitting as their modest hopes!)

but now Mister Havisham is wheeling out the cake because he is in love again!!!

Other Wiz Newzz:
The Wiz are so hot that they even wrote about them in The New York Times aka "The Grey Lady"

Thats so awesome: The Security team at MCI Center have a codename for Abe Pollin: ..."The Gray Lady"!!!

And Susan OMalley is back putting players out for stud at singles night!!!

This time... LARON PROFIT!!

Among his fellow uncricumcised Male Gigolo peers, though, he is known as... "THE TERRAPIN!"

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