Tuesday, December 28, 2004  

While Wizznutzz are recovering from technical difficulties and Rasheeds Christmas PRUNO, God Shammgods Mixtape has a Clazzic gatorade blooper that reveals the vacant echoes of envy pealing inside Michael SALIERI Jordan's egoBRAIN! CHeck it Out!

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Playoff MVP Gilbert Arenas credited Muresan with making the difference against Shaq and Tim Duncan. Said Arenas: "I can't understand one word that dude says. Where's he from, Pakistan? But when he's out there, nobody wants a piece of him, not even Shaq. He clears out the paint like human Glade." (At the ceremony honoring the Wizards' championship, Arenas recalled the coin-flip episode in which he decided to come to Washington despite the fact that eight of his 10 coin flips landed on the side designated for the Clippers, explaining, "I must have been crazy thinking about going to the Clippers. Who wants to live in Oregon all year?")


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