Friday, November 12, 2004  

Posted by Darvin Ham

Brendan Haywood: MANWHORE!!!

Brendan Haywood has a big new contract but SMALL SMALL hands and now finds himself Wizwhore.


Wizznutzz dont think so.
THEORY ONE is that Brendan wants to taste the exotic flavours of a divroced white mother of 3 from Olney but doesnt want to be teased by his boys and had a contract coming up and so......
THEORY TWO holds much more water. Thats right, Abe POLIN has restarted his unsanctioned EUGENICS experiments in the bunker under the former Cap Center utilizing local Landover by law loopholes to push frontiers of ethical science into frightening and amazing places!!!

PROOF: Wizznutzz obtain special RIDER to Haywood contract.

PROOF: Brendan is a physical MARVEL yet isnt quite complete: Brendan wins date with Lesley Pinkston. Lesley is desacribed by friends as "outgoing" and "fun" but also described as having "jesusfreaky enormous man hands".

STOP ABE POLIN. STOP him abducting youth urban MANGINAS into his limo off thenplayground. and stop MISTER DRUMMOND and his benevolent madness trying to BREED a winner. You cant breed winning, its in the DNA!

This horror has visited us before.
Recently declassified "LEDELL EXPERIMENT"!!! Witness the horrible results Ledell Eackles , hiding in Neckless shame in the shadows of his own fate! Witness Manute Bol: his mother a 4'7" Baltic Jockey, his father.... "ANONYMOUS". Witness the 9 hours erection, the REAL reason Muggsy Bogues is out of the league! Michal Jordan calls Wizards teammates Mules. Mules atre INFERTILE. Former Bullets , Celibate Rifles!! MJ finds leprauchauns in his shrubs one night, parts ways with team shortly after. WITNESS recentrly unveiled documentation: Kevin Duckworth is thirteen years old!!!

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