Thursday, November 18, 2004  

Fear Pouch: Rasheed Wallace Jersey with Dead Wallaby
Photo taken by Darvin Ham during his Andrew Gaze walkabout, 2003

"Record Haters"
Tha Hall of Game

In 1996 E-40 decided to attack a nubile Washington Bullets rookie by the name of Rasheed Wallace, he of the mysterious white patch on his dome and an insatiable 420 love. Insha'allah!!!

But Sheed is a positive man, able to shake off multiple arrests like cicadas shed this mortal coil and just smile in the face of insectal genocide. 420!!! Sheed ignored E-40's generous offer to cut off his penis ("Got another mutha fucka on my shit list / I'm a cut off his dick list") and made "Record Haters" as the intro to his radio show. Way to turn lemons into urine!!! It's like the one day Sheed spent with the Hawks and refered to city as HOTLANTA and not ENDOFCAREERANTA. Instead he patiently waited for an eternity, and one game later got traded to Motor City and went on to win 2004 championship with Detroit Wizards Midwest and awarded self and teammates with wrestling belts. Who knew plastic could bling bling? Sheed did, E-40, you chubby Bay Area beeatch!!! Insha'allah!!!

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killing it.

by the way, i'm a wizards fan now that i found out i can get good $10 seats on wednesdays.

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