Monday, November 22, 2004  

Battle Royal!!!!!! With Cheese!!

"And so this morning, like a boxer standing before the mirror after his handlers have gone home, we examine our face to see how badly we are bruised."

Thats wizznutzz fav columnist Motor City windbag Mitch Albom!!!

The Bomb! Doesnt the bomb look like he lives in a universe with these people?!

The 5 people Ill meet in Heavan!!!:

Malcolm X, Harry Potter, Jesus, The janitor Schneider (hes got smokes!), Mitch Alboms rumoured "extra" son "Forrester" !!

As for wizznutzz take on all this, my 1st thought is that TNT analist and former bullet TIM LEGLER is a WAR HAWK!! He carries a big stick and sore feet! Nobody &^%$$ks with the BOMB SQUAD!

Also Jim Grey aka "The Man Who Cried" . SO Poignant!
Jim Grey was like Dick Schapp at the Munich Olympics except with stadium CONCESSIONS instead of FIRE AND DEATH!!!

Before he got a contract Ben Wallace was a Bullet and TRUE STORY, lived in a tricked out SUV with Playstation ONE consoles. He talked with calm about his mastery of Tekken 3!!!

But words are hard for us, now as ever! SO we commissioned master Craftsman SOUIX 23 to create a detailed inspirational work:

Witness the carnage! The humanity! The missing patch of hair on Rasheed head!!!

CLick to enlarge!!

See SIOUX 23s other Inspiring portraits.!!!!!!!!

---posted by Darvin Ham

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This (and one or two other reasons) is why this is the greatest website besides the one that lets you play checkers against people in Brazil. Kudos to you, Wizznutzz!

By Rob, at 9:59 PM  

Its kinda in bad taste actually, given what the original depicts.

By patricio lopez, at 9:16 AM  

Rasheed wear #36 this year, not #30 as depicted in the picture.

By Anonymous, at 10:14 AM  

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