Thursday, March 18, 2004  

Wizz beat up on Kings! Mysteriously a one "Mr. Mace Webber" receives $100,000 check from "A. Pollin Wiz Relief Fund"!!!

Our Savior the Passsion of the Kwame goes for career highs!! KAMALL IN THE HIZZO!

Kwames gives about 63% effort and gets 30 points, 19 johnny rebs and discovers more enticing aspects of his ever evolving and pliant body by finding out all about the pleasures of the TAINT:
"I had goose bumps when they cut it to two under two minutes, but we were able to pull it out."

That's not goosebumps, Kwames! Those are allways going to be there!!! ENJOY!!!

posted by Ken Beatrice | | 12:07 PM


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